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【官方app下载】痛失好局!英超-热刺3-3西汉姆 铁锤帮连追3球兰奇尼绝平
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On the evening of October 18th, Beijing time, in the fifth round of the Premier League, Tottenham played at home against West Ham. In the first half, Sun Xingmin scored with lightning. Kane contributed two shots and one pass. In the second half, Bell, who returned from Real Madrid, came on the bench. In the last 10 minutes, West Ham United scored 3 goals in a row, and Rancini was tied in the world. In the end, Tottenham drew 3-3 against West Ham.


Less than 1 minute after the start of the game, Kane made a long pass from the backcourt. Sun Xingmin turned offside and broke into the left side of the penalty area. Then he cut in and out of the open when he volleyed with his right foot. The ball bypassed the goalkeeper and went into the lower right corner of the goal. Tottenham scored 1-0. Lead.


In the 5th minute, West Ham won a free kick from the left side of the frontcourt and Creswell took a direct shot. The ball bypassed the wall and hit the side net slightly.


In the 8th minute, Sun Xingmin scored the ball. Kane at the front of the penalty area passed through the crotch and volleyed with his right foot. The ball went straight to the lower left corner of the goal. The goalkeeper did not make any response, 2-0!


In the 16th minute, Sun Xingyu scored the ball in the middle of the front court, and Reggie Lung passed in from the left. Kane, who was on the edge of the small penalty area, leaped high and headed the goal. The ball came to the net, 3-0!

在第16分钟,孙兴宇在前场中央将球得分,龙吉(Reggie Lung)从左边传球。处于小禁区边缘的凯恩(Kane)高高跃起,冲向球门。球3-0扑入网!

Although they have served as Manchester United coaches, Moyes has never beaten Mourinho in his coaching career, and it may be difficult to rewrite this embarrassing record today.


In the 26th minute, Antonio flew the header, Fornals volleyed with his left foot from the edge of the penalty area, and Lori confiscated the ball steadily.


In the 35th minute, Aurie made a right pass from the front court, and Sun Xingmin's out-of-the-range tackle was resolved by Fabianski.


In the 50th minute, Antonio took the ball into the penalty area and volleyed with his right foot. The ball hit the Tottenham player and bounced high. Fornals, who was behind the goal, made a header from close range but hit the ball high. Mu missed the perfect opportunity to get a goal back.


In the 56th minute, West Ham played through the midfield and Bowen almost formed a single-handed attack in the midfield, but he fell to the ground under Reggie Long's close defense. The referee indicated that there was no foul.

在第56分钟,西汉姆(West Ham)穿过中场,鲍文(Bowen)在中场几乎单手进攻,但在雷吉·朗(Reggie Long)的近场防守下,他倒地。裁判员表示没有犯规。

In the 61st minute, Kane dribbled the ball into the front court and then kicked a long shot. The ball went straight to the lower left corner of the goal. The goalkeeper fell to the ground and saved the ball to the bottom line.


In the 72nd minute, Bell, who returned on loan from Real Madrid, came off the bench. This was his first appearance on behalf of Tottenham since his return.


In the 73rd minute, Bell, who had just come off the bench, took a free kick on the right side of the front court, and his left foot shot was directly confiscated by the goalkeeper.


In the 79th minute, Sun Xingyu dribbled the ball from the left side of the front court and then struck it horizontally. Kane, who was at the front of the arc of the penalty area, followed up with his left foot and shot, and the ball hit the left outer edge and popped out of the field.


West Ham pulled back a goal in the 82nd minute, Creswell passed a free kick from the left side of the front field into the penalty area, and Balbuena, who was at the front of the small penalty area, scored a header, 1-3!

西汉姆在第82分钟后退一球,克雷斯韦尔从前场左侧任意球射入禁区,而位于小禁区前部的巴尔布埃纳则获得头球1-3 !

In the 85th minute, Caufar broke into the penalty area and crossed from the right. Sanchez made a header and accidentally made an own goal, 2-3!


In the 4th minute of stoppage time, Creswell’s free kick from the left side of the front court passed into the penalty area. Tottenham players did not go far away. Rancini followed the front of the penalty area with a right-footed shot and the ball went straight to the upper right corner of the goal, 3-3 !


At the end of the game, Tottenham 3-3 West Ham United.


Tottenham start (4-3-3)


1-lori / 24-oriye, 4-aldwerald, 6-davinson-sanchez, 3-regelon / 17-musa-sissoko, 5-heibel, 28-ndong Bailey (72'8-winkles) / 23-belwin (72'9-bell), 10-kane, 7-sun Xingju (80'27-lucas Mora)

1-lori / 24导向,4-aldwerald,6-davinson-sanchez,3-regelon / 17-musa-sissoko,5-heibel,28-ndong Bailey(72'8-winkles)/ 23-belwin(72' 9钟),10 e,7阳星菊(80'27-卢卡斯莫拉)



West Ham United start (5-4-1)


1-Fabianski/5-Kaufar, 4-Barbuena, 21-Obonne, 3-Cresville, 26-Masuyacu (90'11-Snodgrass )/20-Bonn, 28-Saucek, 41-Rice, 18-Fornals (77'10-Lancini)/30-Antonio (77'7-Yalmolenko)

1-Fabianski / 5-Kaufar,4-Barbuena,21-Obonne,3-Cresville,26-Masuyacu(90'11-Snodgrass)/ 20-Bonn,28-Saucek,41-Rice,18-Fornals(77'10 -兰奇尼)/ 30-安东尼奥(77'7-雅莫连科)

Substitutes not played: 35- Randolph, 24-Fredericks, 23-Diop, 16-Noble


(Text/big win)


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