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After leading Tianjin Women's Volleyball Team to a 3-1 victory over Shandong Women's Volleyball Team and winning the 2020 National Women's Volleyball Championship, some people say that Li Yingying is more and more like


To become famous as early as possible, this sentence is especially applicable to Li Yingying.


He was born at the age of 15 and became the main force of Tianjin women's volleyball team. At the age of 17, he scored 45 points in a single game, breaking Zhu Ting's four-year record of scoring in a single game.

他15岁出生,成为天津女排的主力。 17岁那年,他单场得分45分,打破了朱婷单场得分四年的纪录。

At the age of 18, he was selected for the national team with the title of volleyball super MVP, and he was alone in the league. He scored 804 points in a single season, the first person in history.


However, as the back wave of the women's volleyball team, Li Yingying is no longer satisfied with her youthful talents. The experience in the national team in the past two years has made her have higher requirements for herself.


"You can't think of yourself as a child at the age of 20. Don't always feel that you are still young. You have to grow up slowly in thought and behavior."


Li Yingying has been growing at an alarming rate. When she was selected for the national team for the first time two years ago, she was just 18 years old. Yao Di recalled that she was a child at that time.


As a member of the Chinese women's volleyball team, Li Yingying has fulfilled her childhood dream. After the excitement, she will be nervous.


If you want to wear a crown, you must bear its weight, and if you want to hold a rose, you must bear its hurt.


Li Yingying got to know her when she first joined the national team


Compared with the old women's volleyball era, the current training is more scientific and systematic.


Lang Ping inherited the "time management" from Yuan Weimin: hurry up every minute of the training class, concentrate on learning and experience like a sponge.


She didn't let go of any detail, feeling that the basic skills of the players were too poor, and she had to dig carefully one by one.


During training, she often stopped to correct the technical movements of the players, and sometimes she had to demonstrate herself.


Even eating and sleeping have strict requirements. Zhu Ting is from Henan and likes to eat noodles. Lang Ping has been telling her to eat more vegetables.



Lang Ping is on the sidelines to guide Li Yingying


Seeing that Li Yingying likes to eat fried chicken with French fries, Lang Ping urged her to adjust her diet and arranged for a physical fitness teacher to make a fat reduction plan for her.


The gap with her sisters made Li Yingying walk on thin ice, she didn't want to drag her back. After all, each player does not represent himself, but the Chinese women's volleyball team.


With such a psychological burden on the back, the suffocating tension is everywhere. When the score was stalemate, even sitting on the bench, Li Yingying was firmly wrapped up in tension.


When she was about to play, she felt the lights of the audience shoot over, and her legs couldn't help shaking.


When Lang Ping laid out his tactics, he couldn't hear anything, his mind went blank.


In the third game on behalf of the national team, Li Yingying lost the chain against South Korea.


The offense was blocked, the free throw went out of bounds, a pass made a mistake, and the block was weak. Li Yingying felt that his brain was not enough for an instant.


A few days later, Li Yingying suffered a greater blow.


Against Poland, she scored a game-high 19 points, but made up to 18 turnovers, and the women's volleyball team lost the game.


Novices who make mistakes are inevitably scolded. At the press conference after the game, Lang Ping unceremoniously criticized her: "It is the first time for Li Yingying to participate in this kind of competition. There are many loopholes in the technical links. We must be determined to make up for it. We can't close the door and think how good the Chinese league is. In fact, As soon as many players get international, the gap is very big."



Lang Ping is on the sidelines to guide Li Yingying


Back at the hotel, Li Yingying couldn't sleep. In the wee hours of the morning, she tapped on the phone for a long time and sent a long WeChat message to Lang Ping.


Clicking on the send button, Li Yingying was very nervous, and she didn't know what else Director Lang would say.


Lang Ping quickly responded to the news. What surprised Li Yingying was that there was no blame, but relief, so that she should not blame herself too much and look forward to everything.


I thought that this story had already been turned over, but I didn't expect that in the team summary meeting the next day, 18 mistakes would be mentioned again in public. Li Yingying's heart trembled, wishing to find a place to get in.


If you don't want to be ashamed, you have to practice hard. Urban white-collar workers do not move 996 at every turn, but they are more desperate than hard, and the women's volleyball girls are all worthy.


Back then, the old women's volleyball team climbed to the top of the world, relying on the unbearable training of the devil. The so-called bleeding, sweating but not tears, skin and flesh are not left behind.


Training for more than 10 hours a day, 100 shots, 200 dunks, and 300 pads must be delivered in the morning. They must be completed with high quality, otherwise no meals are allowed.


Lang Ping recalled that at that time, he felt that this kind of training intensity could last ten days with gritted teeth. If you practice like this every day, who can stand it?


She was hit by a spike in the face by a male training partner: "It's not painful, it feels like her face bursts, her pupils are enlarged, and she was smashed into a concussion."


In order to exercise team awareness, Yuan Weimin stipulated that if any team member did not complete the task, everyone else must wait together. Once, Zhu Ling's spike training was not up to standard, she practiced until three o'clock in the morning, collapsed and lay on the ground crying. In order to strengthen the block and increase the strength of the legs, Zhou Xiaolan practiced quietly squatting meticulously, from the first four or five minutes to twenty minutes.


Lang Ping, who was still a rookie at the time, also often ate small stoves. He practiced 300 spiking shots in the morning, midnight and evening.


Now, the newly-trained newcomer has become Li Yingying.


Before the Asian Games, Li Yingying got up at 7:30 every day, practiced a pass for an hour and a half, and then started normal training with other sisters.


Except for a pass, serving training was once a KPI that Li Yingying could hardly complete with all her hard work.


As required, one point is awarded for serving the ball to the designated area, and one point is deducted if it is not completed.


At that time, Li Yingying's technical movements were unstable, and her serve was like a roller coaster and it was difficult to reach the target. She was always the last one to complete, causing her to collapse, often crying while practicing.


This is not the first time Li Yingying feels unable to persist. When I first arrived in Tianjin, I washed my face with tears every day, cried and called my mother for comfort, fell asleep in tears, and cried on my nose for a whole year.


There is no easy word in the adult world. Which women's volleyball girl has never experienced a moment of collapse and cried to doubt life? After crying enough, he wiped away the tears and had to grit his teeth and practice, there was no way back.


The biggest headache for Li Yingying is that she doesn't know how to communicate with her sisters. With her outgoing personality, she initially gave her teammates the impression of a child who doesn't like to talk.


In any team, the inability to communicate effectively is a fatal flaw. Volleyball is a project that requires active communication. Lang Ping asked Li Yingying to shout on the court, and she was more accustomed to meditating in her heart that this ball is mine.


In order to let Li Yingying integrate into the team as soon as possible, Lang Ping asked her to choose a relatively familiar roommate. In this way, Liu Xiaotong, who played in Tianjin, became her intimate sister.


Li Yingying finally found the hole in the tree where she confided. The night talk between the two sisters sometimes lasted until one or two in the morning.


"Sister Xiaotong, is it too bad for me to be like this? When will I catch up? Is it a loophole for me on the court?"


With the passage of time, Li Yingying has become one with her sisters. Looking back now, her previous thoughts were too complicated, and she took a lot of detours. The sisters are actually very tolerant of her.


"How big is the matter, don't you just say something? Sisters can still eat me?"


After two years of experience in the national team, Li Yingying's progress is visible to the naked eye, but she believes that her mentality is the biggest change.


At the very beginning, Li Yingying cared about other people's opinions and often searched for her name on the Internet. Netizens' criticisms and accusations were like thorns, which made her fall into self-blame.


After experiencing the turmoil of the Internet, she simply threw away her psychological baggage, and no matter what others said, she just did her best.


When she won the World Cup champion, Li Yingying stopped paying attention to online comments, because she knew that after winning the championship, it was all beautiful words and there was not much value in watching it.



Zhu ting and Li yingying


Nowadays, even if the fans on the sidelines say that she played poorly and only rationed Zhu Ting's shoes, Li Yingying can calmly face all the harsh criticisms, she takes it as spur and encouragement.


Of course, the biggest spur to Li Yingying is the number 12 jersey, which is a lucky number.


Lang Ping personally picked this number for her, with good intentions. The main attacker of the old women's volleyball team, Zhang Rongfang, passed through No. 12. In 2013, Hui Ruoqi also followed Lang Ping's suggestion and chose this number.


It was like a long relay race, the baton was passed to Li Yingying, and her idol happened to be Hui Ruoqi.


Li Yingying was very excited. With this number, she was a little closer to her idol. At the same time, she felt that Lang Ping's expectations of her were heavy.



After winning the Asian Games in 2018, Li Yingying and Lang Ping took a photo


Since childhood, Li Yingying had a dream to represent the national team in the Olympics. The postponement of the Tokyo Olympics delayed her dream plan for another year. She said that the days without competitions are uncomfortable, and people feel that there is no hope.


But bad things can turn into good things, so that she has more time to narrow the gap with her sisters.


The latter wave has been desperately catching up with the previous wave. After two years of hard work, Li Yingying has more confidence to discuss her own gap.


If she was ten minutes behind her sisters, she now thinks she has shrunk to six or seven points, and of course she is still the last one in 800 meters.


Lang Ping said that compared with two years ago, Li Yingying is no different. Only Li Yingying knows how much sweat and tears she shed for this comment.



The 2017-2018 Super League Super League Award Ceremony, the main attacker from Tianjin Women's Volleyball Team, Li Yingying, was named the most valuable athlete


As for whether she can become the leader of the Chinese women's volleyball team in the future, Li Yingying didn't think too much. Before becoming the thigh, don't hold back. She just wants to break through herself, live in the present, and ride the wind and waves with her sisters.



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